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City-to-City travel for the 21st century

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Introducing MapleRide, the new way to rideshare in Canada

MapleRide is a City-to-City ridesharing platform in southern Ontario connecting drivers and passengers through a moderated trust-based network. Drivers share the costs of travel (gas, maintenance) while passengers get where they need to go in a convenient, affordable and safe way.

Integrated Ridesharing

  • post rides or search for rides
  • search by specific preferences


  • location-enabled service allows you to more easily connect on the day of your trip
  • keep track of your ride as you go through the MapleRide dashboard

Simple and Secure
Payment Platform

  • integrated payments system means nobody needs to bring cash!
  • payment via Stripe for credit cards or Paypal ensures security of your payment and personal info

Trust Based

  • ratings system as well as moderated chat ensure a safe and secure environment
  • full transparency between passengers and drivers including past reviews, age and # of facebook friends


  • in Ontario many people need to get around by car, it's a fact of life! However, looking around at our highways there are so many empty seats driving around
  • at MapleRide, we believe that filling up cars and getting incremental vehicles off the road is good not only for your wallet and for traffic but for the environment too! Help us make Ontario greener!